Anwen Muston – Your Labour candidate for East Park

 Anwen says, “I was born in Wolverhampton and served in the army from 1973 to 1996.  Since then I have helped and worked successfully with many different community projects.  As a qualified mediator I believe in focusing on a solutions approach to resolving issues and concerns whether working with local residents or those who provide services.  I have been using my expertise in East Park to support our residents.”

“I believe that people should have a say in how local services are run, ensuring the budget available is spent wisely.  Our local services and facilities should allow our community to prosper safely.  Anti-social behaviour is something I take seriously.”

“From my time in the army, I understand the meaning of honesty, integrity and reliability.  I would not be an absent Councillor.  I would be available to give you any assistance you may need.”

“Finally, I promise I will do my best for East Park.”

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