Paul was elected on May 2 2019.

“Only a Labour Council cares about social justice in our community. The Tories have put council services under the greatest pressure in a generation, and through unfair, and unjustified austerity they have undermined Police and emergency services, NHS, Social welfare, children’s and elderly services. The Conservatives have become a real and present danger to our community.

Only Labour understands Blakenhall’s diverse community needs. We have many schools speaking multiple languages, diverse faith groups, a need to reduce pollution and combat childhood obesity. As a local businessman, living and working in the community for over 40 years, I’ve a shared experience of bringing up a family here. Young adults finding it difficult to buy their own homes, homelessness, people hungry using food banks, fly tipping and a sense the best is behind us.

As former Chair of Victim & Witness support , and Justice of the Peace sitting on 15,000 criminal cases in Magistrates and Crown court, I’m only too aware of shared problems. Particularly in relation to increasing crime”.

Click here to see which committees Paul serves on at City of Wolverhampton Council and a list of any outside bodies he attends in his capacity as Councillor.


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