Your Councillors for Blakenhall ward are Jasbinder Dehar, Paul Birch and Tersaim Singh

Blakenhall is on the way up and your local Labour team have played a crucial part in attracting millions of pounds of investment, and spending it constructively to meet the needs of local residents.

Paul Birch

Paul was elected on May 2 2019. “Only a Labour Council cares about social justice in our community. The Tories have put council services under the greatest pressure in a generation, and through unfair, and

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Jasbinder Dehar

Jas has previously served as a Labour councillor in Bushbury North ward and is honoured to have been elected for Blakenhall in 2018. She describes herself as a committed and dedicated champion for the residents.

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Tersaim Singh

Tersaim was elected as a ward councillor for Blakenhall in 2021.  He has served as a councillor for many years and as a City Millennium Mayor.  During the COVID 19 pandemic, he delivered food parcels

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