Bilston East Candidate

Dear Elector,

I am proud to have been selected once again to stand as the Labour candidate in Bilston East. I have always and will continue to stand up for Bilston values by putting Bilston at the forefront of everything I do. As an elected representative from our community, I have taken many issues to the Council. I have always fought hard to solve the problems faced by people in Bilston East by working hard on housing, school places, anti-social behaviour and creating job opportunities. I have worked hard to get more GPs and services to care for our ageing community. I fully understand the concerns and demands of our services to care for our young and old. If elected I promise that I will fight to protect all the services for the people of Bilston. I promise to work with partners to bring in new housing, including new council housing, new school places and new businesses to the town centre to ensure the future well being and prosperity of Bilston.

Yours sincerely,
Stephen Simkins

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