Dear Elector,
It has been my privilege to be your councillor for the past eight years. I have lived in Park ward for the past 25 years. I am well aware of the issues we all face in our daily life in Park and Wolverhampton.

I have worked hard to ensure that residents of Park ward have had a strong and thoughtful voice to the Local Authority. I am recognised as a person who represents all residents fairly and without favour.

My principles of fairness and equality have been at residents’ service for the past eight years.

If re-elected I shall continue as a tireless champion for Park ward. I shall continue to carry out surgeries, “down your ways” and be available to you by telephone and email.

I am standing for re-elec tion because I believe that Wolverhampton Labour has the right answers for the tough decisions forced upon us by Central Government.Yours sincerely

Mike Hardacre

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