Message From Our Leader

Message From Our Leader

On behalf of the Labour group in Wolverhampton, I would like to apologise to the voters of Spring Vale today who were deceived by Mr Mak Singh.

This man, only 39 days ago walked amongst you and asked you to trust him with your vote on Election Day. This you did and I am really sorry to announce that you have been let down and Mr Mak Singh has emailed me to say he doesn’t believe in Labour values and will be instead joining the Tories.

He not only deceived you but the Labour group as well. He accepted being a Labour Councillor for 5 years and never once said he had issues. Even after his Election Day victory, he asked could he be promoted to my new Cabinet, and now a few weeks later after I declined his request, he has shown his contempt to his ex Labour colleagues and to you by joining the Tories.

I will ensure that our new candidate for Spring Vale will be trustworthy and not treat you or your hard won vote with contempt.

Obviously, I call upon him to use his last ounce of self respect to resign and put his new values and his party to the test in Spring Vale. I must tell you that people like this never practice what they preach and I can guarantee he will carry on whilst ignoring your wishes, and hope in time you will forget he violated your most sacred right.

Obviously his new values align perfectly to the Tories, such as the following

Voting down the real needs to feed our children in school holidays during the pandemic.

The slashing of universal credit by £20 a week in September to working and unwaged families.

Once again mired in a cash for honours scandal.

If these are his new values then what could have been a distinguished political career will end like others who cross the floor, a small footnote in the history of Wolverhampton politics.

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