Louise Miles – Your Labour candidate for Oxley

Louise says, “I am honoured to have been selected as the Labour candidate for Oxley ward in the local elections in May.”

“I am Wolverhampton born and bred and was educated in schools in the City.  I now work in education as a law lecturer at a local university and believe passionately in creating chances for local people through education and employment opportunities.”

“I have previous experience as a Councillor on City of Wolverhampton Council.  If elected I would use my skills and experience on behalf of the residents of Oxley ward.  I believe in listening to people and taking account of their views.  I would work with all residents, groups and organisations to resolve issues and concerns for the benefit of the community as a whole.”

“I ask for your vote, and if elected, I will commit myself totally to working hard for you, Oxley ward and the City.”

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