Leader attacks Lords threat to pensioners bus passes

Leader attacks Lords threat to pensioners bus passes

  • Post published:30th April 2019
  • Post Category:Local News

Councillor Roger Lawrence, City of Wolverhampton Council Leader and Transport Lead for West Midlands Combined authority has criticised a House of Lords proposal to end free bus passes for older people.

“This report completely ignores the crucial role that free travel subsidies play in supporting the day time bus network. Without this income, bus companies would provide a much reduced service. Travel for West Midlands pays around £50 million per year which is crucial to supporting regular bus services”, said Councillor Lawrence.

“The report also fails to recognise the crucial role travel provides in tackling loneliness and social isolation amongst older people”

“If intergenerational inequality is an issue it is not solved by making services for older people worse. Instead the Lords should support better travel provision for younger people as we have done in the Midlands, with supported travel for care leavers, apprentices and trainees and further education students. With better government support, we could do even more to assist young people to get around.”

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