Event to remember the sacrifice made by Sikh soldiers

  • Post published:11th September 2014
  • Post Category:Local News

Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara is holding a commemoration to honour the fallen soldiers of the Battle of Saragarhi (12th Sept 1897) and those at the start of World War 1 (1914-18).

This remembrance event is being held at Wolverhampton Council Piazza, on Sunday 14th September 2014 from 12:00 till 14:00. The event will focus on and highlight the key contributions made by the Sikh community during the Great War and the Battle of Saragarhi.

The  Battle of Saragarhi on the North West Frontier was fought between 21 Sikhs of the 36th Sikh Regiment of British India, defending an army post against upto 10,000 invading tribesman. The 21 chose to stand and fight to the death against overwhelming odds and it is considered by military historians as one of history’s great last-stands.

The exploits of the Sikhs during the Anglo-Sikh Wars and at the Battle of Saragarhi, cemented their reputation as brave, loyal and trusted soldiers, which led to their heavy deployment in every arena of battle during the Great War.

The event on 14th September will commence at 12:00pm and include distinguished speakers, presentations and a parade by young Sikhs (dressed in the WW1 uniforms as worn by Sikh soldiers) who have been training under the guidance of the 1914 Sikhs project which has been supported by the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail. a

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