Action to tackle speeding in Bushbury North

  • Post published:3rd October 2014
  • Post Category:Local News

Your local Labour councillors, Ian Angus, Jas Dehar and Daniel Warren, are continuing to apply pressure on the Council and Police to tackle speeding traffic across the local area.

Signs, road markings and Police ‘Speedwatch’ activity in Primrose Ave, Wood Lane and School Lane have had some impact but not enough.

We have requested that the Council look at this again.

A scheme for a mini-island at the junction of Northycote Lane / Abbeyfield Road has been costed at £150,000. We are pursuing funding but in the meantime have arranged for the Police Camera Enforcement Unit to undertake regular activity.

We have arranged for speed surveys to be undertaken across the Milldale Estate to determine the impact of the Vine Island development and we are supporting the residents of Mill Green who want to see a 20mph zone introduced.

New safety measures at Vine Island will include: SLOW markings and anti-skid surfacing; illuminated ‘Give way’ signs; and changes to the road layout markings. We are also concerned about the impact of the Vine Island development on congestion and safety at Three Tuns Island. We have requested a full assessment and will keep you updated.

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