Park Candidate

Dear Elector,

I am proud to have represented Park Ward as your Councillor since 2012 and I am honoured to be your Labour candidate in the forthcoming Local Government election.

I am a working class father of two school age children and was born and raised in Wolverhampton.

I am asking that you vote for me because I care passionately about the future of our great City and its people. I believe we all have the same concerns: decent housing, good schools, an enhanced local environment, effective services for all, and a properly funded NHS.

Wolverhampton needs Councillors who can positively promote our City and who will represent you by making intelligent decisions with integrity and humility.

I am determined to continue to raise the profile of Wolverhampton as an enterprising, harmonious and innovative place to live, work and invest.

Please give me your support so that I can continue to make a difference.

Thank you,
Craig Collingswood

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