Tettenhall Regis Candidate

Dear Elector,

Wolverhampton has been my home for nearly fifty years and Tettenhall Regis for the most part of that time. As a previous candidate in the local elections, I had the pleasure to meet many residents. The experience has demonstrated my commitment to the ward.

Regis is an iconic area of the city in which diversity is embraced, people are cared for and the environment is respected. However, it would benefit from small business development, employment opportunities and better neighbour support. We are moving into a less certain future but one with enticing opportunities. There are the potential benefits of HS2 and the maturing of the new Metro Mayor’s role to look towards.

Social care is a growing concern and financial challenge that we must address. Our elderly resident s have paid their dues and now need to feel secure. Let ’s use our resourcefulness for the
collective good. I am absolutely committed to work with anyone who shares my aspirations to make Regis a better place.

Yours sincerely,
Chester Morrison

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