Only a Labour Council cares about social justice in our community. The Tories have put council services under the greatest pressure in a generation, and through unfair, and unjustified austerity they have undermined Police and emergency services, NHS, Social welfare, children’s and elderly services. The Conservatives have become a real and present danger to our community.

Only Labour understands Blakenhall’s diverse community needs. We have many schools speaking multiple languages, diverse faith groups, a need to reduce pollution and combat childhood obesity.
As a local businessman, living and working in the community for over 40 years, I’ve a shared experience of bringing up a family here. Young adults finding it difficult to buy their own homes, homelessness, people hungry using food banks, fly tipping and a sense the best is behind us.

As former Chair of Victim & Witness support , and Justice of the Peace sitting on 15,000 criminal
cases in Magistrates and Crown court, I’m only too aware of shared problems. Particularly in relation to
increasing crime. I believe only Labour can make a difference, please support me on the 2nd May.

Paul John Birch J.P

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