I am delighted to be your Labour Candidate in the forthcoming election for Bilston North on 2nd May 2019.

I’ve been busy meeting residents, community groups and business owners, and together with Councillor’s Linda Leach and Phil Page, we have been concentrating on local issues and listening to local people, who have voiced their concerns about the increased burglaries, car theft and general Anti-Social Behaviour in the community.

With the budget cuts from the Conservative government; West Midlands Police are facing a constant struggle to deliver good service to the public. Criminals know only too well, how stretched the Police are. We are all concerned about the rise in crime, but we believe that by working together and looking out for our neighbours, we can help reduce the effect of crime in our neighbourhood.

I look forward to working with our strong local Labour team helping to form residents associations and
community groups, as this will play a vital role in protecting us all.

Please vote for me; Olivia Birch for Bilston North in the elec tion on 2nd May, so that together we can safeguard our families, jobs and environment.

Yours sincerely

Olivia Birch

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