The purpose of ‘Scrutiny’ is to improve the Council’s performance by monitoring, questioning and making recommendations on the way that services are provided and decisions taken.

Scrutiny has two main roles:

1. To carry out in-depth investigations of issues of public concern or Council performance;

2. To hold decision-making made by Cabinet members in the Executive to account;

The scrutiny function is carried out mainly by Scrutiny Panels who hold 6-7 meetings each year at which they consider a variety of topics selected by Members.

Small numbers of Scrutiny members can also form ‘Review groups’ to address specific issues in detail. They can examine the performance of Council departments and external agencies, and make recommendations to the Cabinet based on their findings, reports of which are also available to the public.

Scrutiny can also call members of the Cabinet to give reasons for decisions which have been made, but not yet implemented. The Scrutiny Members can recommend that the Cabinet reconsiders its decisions.

Scrutiny Panels – Labour Group Chairs

Confident Capable Council

Chair: Councillor Louise Miles

Vibrant & Sustainable City

Chair: Councillor Ian Angus

For more information about the make up of Scrutiny Panels and when the meetings take place go to the City of Wolverhampton Council website.

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