Some Council decisions are dealt with by multi party Committees and Panels. Each party represented on the Council fill the seats on these Committees and Panels based on their strength on the Council as a whole.

Committees and Panels – Labour Group Chairs and Vice-Chairs

Audit Committee - Chair Councillor Craig Collingswood




Licensing Committee – Chair Councillor Alan Bolshaw




Licensing Committee – Vice Chair Councillor Rita Potter




Planning Committee – Chair Councillor Mike Hardacre




Planning Committee – Vice Chair Councillor Harman Banger




 Corporate Parenting Panel – Chair Councillor Val Gibson




Pensions Committee - Chair Councillor Ian Brookfield

Pensions Committee – Vice Chair Councillor Keith Inston




Equalities Champion – Councillor Paula Brookfield



For more information about the make up of Committees and when the meetings take place go to the  City of Wolverhampton Council website.